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Description: It is bendable as a thin neon tube which makes it ideal for flexible decoration. It is great for car decoration, parties, camping, bar decoration and so on. Light your car and have fun! Features: Flexible and water resistant, can be bent into any shape and cut into any length Can offer 360 degrees of illumination Energy saving, long life time Life time: ?12,000 hours 3 light modes: steady on, slow flashing, quick flashing Wire diameter: 2...

Federal Signal's strobe tube replacement for the Firebolt Plus strobe beacon.

Flashtube for DT-311A and DT-315A model digital stroboscopes. Tube life of approximately 100 million flashes at 1800FPM (flashes per minute). Pack of 1.


Fits most VC grills

The Shimpo DT-900-PR battery-operated digital stroboscope has a xenon light source, internal and external trigger modes, and phase shift and time delay features. It provides stop-action or slow-motion viewing of moving machinery for visual inspection of covered gear teeth, shafts, print media, and various injector patterns...

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